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On the TV side, Jaxs current projects include the recently released Russian Doll on Netflix, starring Natasha Lyonne; The Other Two, which was just picked up for a second season; and the final season of Broad City for Comedy Central. The company also announced that they would also finance and develop pilots. Like, no way in hell. Fenkel: I just cannot stop. Sacco: Gun bongs. But more independent existed then. And we broke records. We allowed them to come on set to see what was happening, and they in turn were sharing their release plans and their marketing materials, and we were commenting on that. That shift points to a greater move afoot at A24, as the company begins to develop its own projects from within. Whether thats old white people in the Academy, or people all over the country, or frankly the rest of the world. Sacco: To engrave the Spring Breakers logo onto the glass-gun bong. Stay plugged in to the industry with our free newsletter. Kapadia: There were other films that had a lot more money in their campaign and were everywhere. Annapurna Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection, Moonlights Mahershala Ali Picks His Own Oscar Winners. Ravi Nandan (co-head of TV, A24): Paramount Vantage, which had released, like, There Will Be Blood and a bunch of other movies, was [folded into] Paramount. Or a director. Variety is a part of Penske Media Corporation. And it was like. But then also do things that other companies arent doing. Hodges had been an integral part of the studio since its inception in 2012, along with co-founders David Fenkel and Daniel Katz. I dont think it was related to her professional career. John Hodges (co-founder and co-head of TV, . [laughs] I mean, I doubt that, because I know the people that work there. We want to hear from you! In the fall of 2012, A24 arrived at the Toronto International Film Festival with a plan to acquire several movies. Katz: Tuesday morning, I remember, we had a little whiskey for him. Hodges teamed with Daniel Katz and David Fenkel to launch the company, which is based in New York City. John Hodges is leaving A24, the Oscar-winning indie studio that he co-founded. Apply Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon and save 25% Off your entire purchase, Target Circle: up to 50% Off with Target promo code, Save 25% on your purchase of Spring Styles with Asos Coupon, Michael Kors Promo Code: sign up for KORSVIP + Get 10% Off on First Order, 2023 Cond Nast. The second title was Life After Beth, the domestic theatrical haul of which was a paltry $88,273. There was this weird time. Ask for forgiveness. I think it just showed that we cared about these movies so much. It would cost too much to buy Mississippi Grinda fighting chance in theaters, so the film is making its way into the world through 20 million smaller screens rather than a few dozen large ones, and more viewers will have a chance to appreciate it as the sublime hangout movie that it is. And I think that really helped the movie. As of April 2022[update], twenty-seven episodes had been released. As one of the founding members of the New York-based company, Hodges played a key role. Everybody wants to be A24. Katz: Some of it was probably misplaced, dont you agree? Daniel Katz, David Fenkel and John Hodges have unveiled New York-based A24 as a distribution, financing and production company with plans to release eight to 10 titles annually. I was proud of the film but I thought it was weird and boring. And check out the haunting synth score by Disasterpiece. A24 Apr 2012 - May 20186 years 2 months Head of Production and Development Big Beach Films 2008 - 20124 years Greater New York City Area Development and Production Executive Michaels Goldwyn. The company offered no additional details other than to say his vacancy would not lead to any additional changes in management. It was like being in some kind of arena. Maybe we werent geniuses with Spring Breakers, but we were the ones who said, Lets put it in theaters, because we could build on that. People liked Spring Breakers. Good A24 films anticipate the zeitgeist, and the best ones galvanize it. He recently profiled Conor McGregor for GQ Style. Beth was also the first A24 movie since its inaugural release, the Charlie Sheen-starring A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, not to receive a fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide my consent to receive marketing communications from them. The tech titan is reportedly in the midst of dropping $1 billion on original content, but has yet to make a major film market move. Garland: I didnt know what Tinder was until the festival. They entered into deals with DirecTV Cinema and Amazon Prime in late 2013, with some films distributed through them, and the name was changed to A24 in 2016.[3]. Aizenberg: Yeah. But I think she saw this, and it hijacked her image and personality, and we didnt ask her. The company has laid the groundwork to evolve from just another upstart distribution label into a multiheaded ministudio capable of developing its own contentand so far theyve done it by releasing movies that tend to earn more cultural cachet than they do money. It wasnt going to get lost in the shuffle. Deploying for Major CAT Events, tornadoes . Four short years later, the companys first original production, Barry Jenkinss Moonlight, won the Academy Award for Best Picture. This elegant, yet sadistic horror film from Austria resembles Michael Hanekes Funny Games, yet the home invader was under the victims noses all along. And it just kept getting better and better and better. And Im not saying theyre magicians. March 3, 2018. Its exciting. Usually you talk to somebody and they tell you all the reasons they shouldnt make something, and why its so difficult. Fenkel: I stare straight ahead. They had heart to them. NetWorthSpot.com's industry expertise thinks A24's net worth at $1.89 million, but A24's finalized net worth is still being verified. We were planting seeds to grow. Sasha Lane (actress, American Honey): They were like, You guys are who you are and were not going to change that. No one had to be perfected for anything. And then, in 08, the bubble burst, and the economic downturn probably had a little bit of impact. Probably the best place to screen-test the movie. Im glad it all worked out. The next day it was like, Anythings possible.. Most importantly, an A24 film is a happening. Subscribe for full access to The Hollywood Reporter, As one of the founding members of the New York-based company, Hodges played a key role in putting A24 on the map, culminating with last year's best picture winner, 'Moonlight.'. A24 was founded in 2012 by Daniel Katz, David Fenkel and John Hodges. Anything in between is dead in the water. A24 will. And then you meet Barry and hear Barry talk, and its like, Of course! Not heyday. The optimistic way to view this situation is that A24 is getting much better at buying good movies for its DirecTV deal, rather than filler like Barely Lethal. A24 typically pays a bit more for these movies than it does the ones the it buys itself, andlike most VOD content providersit doesnt make its grosses public. And in that moment I was like: Now its time to go do this. A mile and a half. So we ran there. TV production powerhouse Jax Media is expanding into film and tapped John Hodges, one of the founding partners of A24, as its new head of film. Hollywood is run by accountants at this point. Despite lacking any pre-defined structure, episodes generally contain discussions around recent works of the two guests, allowing for branching discussions to other areas. None Of Us Thanked Them. In 2016, A24 expanded into original production with Moonlight. It also put out some of its weirder and most singular movies to date: Trey Edward Shultss micro-budget family drama Krisha; Swiss Army Man, in which Daniel Radcliffe plays a corpse; and Yorgos Lanthimoss romantic tragedy, The Lobster. In February, Robert Eggerss The Witch, which A24 bought at Sundance for one million dollars, made $40 million and became the companys highest grossing film to date (Moonlight has since surpassed it). You look at the underdog story, I think thats not by accident. Aizenberg: I remember that Sunday we all got on the phone and were like, Were going over a thousand screens.. And so anytime you speak with someone whos not a pure accountant, is not a pencil pusher? I just started talking. In between, A24 went from being a tiny, disorganized room of eight or so people to being the place where big stars like Robert Pattinson and Scarlett Johansson go to make small, strange movies, and auteurs like Jonathan Glazer and Denis Villeneuve go to make deeply personal films unmolested by studio notes or clueless executives. "I'm thrilled to be joining the team at Jax,". Im thrilled to be joining the team at Jax, Hodges said. James Franco (actor, Spring Breakers, The Adderall Diaries): This is one of the things theyre great at: taking something small and delicate and giving it the kind of support that other people cant. Katz came from a film finance group, while Fenkel and Hodges both left positions at other independent film companies. Really? But as A24 initiates the second phase of its existence, a transition that includes financing its own films and branching out into television, the companys exponential growth may find it becoming part of the problem it had once seemed destined to solve. They just seem like theyre the first company thats really abandoned a lot of the old models. Katz, Fenkel and Hodges prior to A24 worked in film and production, before leaving to eventually co-found the company, Meanwhile, A24 has already been building an ark. Films distributed by A24 ended up getting nominated for seven Academy Awards that year, including Best Picture (Room), Actress (Brie Larson), Documentary (Amy), and Original Screenplay (Ex Machina). I remember when all the commotion started, I look at David. Without the same star power or effects as your typical studio horror film, these scary movies rely on mood, style and character to create a feeling of dread, rather than jump scares. [29][30], "A24 Films" redirects here. Theyre super-smart people. Lets run there. Hodges: The office literally looked like a pump-and-dump stock operation. Jeanie Igoe (production, A24): None of us really knew what we were doing. Nathan (Oscar Isaac) and Kyoko (Sonoya Mizuno). A24 went on a spending spree and released 11 movies in their second year of operation. We want to go two thousand screens. This monster slowly stalks you when you sleep with the wrong person, and the only way to pass it on is to bed another partner. So whos to say that, you know, A24 wont become Warner Brothers five years from now? I think theatrical will always be there, but most of my biggest experiences of cinema have been in front of a TVno one was screening Fellini films in Ireland when I was 19 or 20.. Katz: Harvey Weinstein called the agent and said, How could you give a Sofia Coppola movie to this new? I can only imagine. 2023 Variety Media, LLC. a24 john hodges net worth. A24 co-founder John Hodges is exiting the indie company to "focus on future opportunities," he and the company jointly announced on Monday. A24 co-founder John Hodges is exiting the indie companyto focus on future opportunities, he and the company jointly announced on Monday. Kleiner: They had the movie, I want to say, 22, 23 weeks in theatrical release? Ad Choices. These films speak for themselves. If its gonna be released the same way by another company, we usually dont go after it. The company said he will exit to focus on "future opportunities," but did not clarify beyond that statement.. There is no Tinder for Room! Since the small blast of trade articles that greeted the companys inception, theyve remained unusually quiet. It was like Broadcast News. Katz: We did great movies. Jeremy Kleiner (producer, Plan B, Moonlight): It wasnt like, Oh, this is low-hanging fruit, lets grab on to this one. It was a passionate embrace of the movie. A mother undergoes reconstructive facial surgery, but her two twin boys dont recognize the woman beneath her bandages. That Oscar win came within five years of A24s launch, but so did Open Roads win for Spotlight, and now that company is part of the larger entity Global Road. With Hodges leaving, the company behind the Oscar-winning best pictureMoonlight made it clear that no additional changes in management will be made. Katz: Theres all these really, really smart, capable, ambitious people that love movies. I Just Raised The Oscar At Them. Katz: People say, Oh, Barry, why didnt you bring us Moonlight?As if that was the most obvious Best Picture! GQ may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Jul 2021 - Present1 year 7 months. At the time of my visit, however, A24 still looked more like a startup than a movie studio, and you could find the countrys fastest-growing film companys actual HQ only by following the flimsy paper signs that had been taped up along the 17th-floor hallway outside its headquarters. Focused on High Net Worth Policy holders where policy coverage exceeds $1 million. All Rights Reserved. With Hodges leaving, the. Sofia Coppola (director, The Bling Ring): I really like those guys. Korine: I could tell that they were on some new shit, you know? The company may be a lovely acquisition target for a buyer seeking an arthouse pipeline,but A24 is still building itself as a brand one that is synonymous with quality. And I think theyre creating a kind of renaissance in filmmaking. Jennifer Kents drama is a psychological heavyweight that examines how parents feed their demons to quell the pain. The companys best known movies include Ex Machina, Room, The Witch, Amy and Moonlight, which won the 2016 Academy Award for best picture, best adapted screenplay and best supporting actor for Mahershala Ali. Buying and burying not-great movies isnt necessarily a problem if it grows the business without harming the brand. Its DirecTV/A24 release grossed $229,094 and never played on more than 54 screens. See what happens.. Jon Hodges CEO at Evergreen North America Industrial Services League City, Texas, United States 2K followers 500+ connections Join to connect Evergreen industrial services and GEM mobile. 2023 THE TRACKING BOARD. Asif Kapadia (director, Amy): I suppose most filmmakers have had bad experiences in the past where you do all the hard work, and then these guys in slick suits come along and theyre like, We know what were doing now! A24 is an American independent entertainment company that specializes in film and television production, as well as film distribution. Mahershala Ali (actor, Moonlight): I definitely have a lot more opportunity right now than Ive ever had before. Franco: All the distributors knew it was great. In 2021, A24 won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (Yuh-jung Youn in Minari, who became the first Korean actress to win an Oscar). Katz: That was a good learning experience for us. An Industry Arts Company. BREAKING: John Hodges, one of the founding members of A24, has announced his departure from the production and distribution studio to focus on future opportunities. What are you working on? A24 Founding Partner John Hodges to Exit Daniel Katz and David Fenkel will continue to oversee the NYC-based indie Thom Geier | March 26, 2018 @ 10:08 AM A24 founding partner John Hodges. Fenkel: Id love to say from the first cut we knew. They dont have the personality of movie executives. raised the Oscar at them. The fact that we were able to sign any movies out of that office is absurd. And then there was another one where hes deep-throating the gun, and we replaced it with a gold statue. Zoe Beyer (marketing, A24): Spring Breakers had a whole Oscar campaign. [17] In April, the company acquired all foreign rights to Swiss Army Man, distributing the film in all territories, and partnering with distributors who previously acquired rights to the film, a first for the company. Because even the companys failures are interesting. A24 is not like other entertainment companies. A24, which was founded in 2012, said that no additional changes in management will be made. But if it is, a monastic degree of focus will be required to recognize which A24 titles might fare better on VOD. But what happens when the titles involved in this deal get bettera lot better? Aizenberg: When I started, we didnt have Spring Breakers yet, but the whole focus of that very first meeting I went to was like, How do we get Spring Breakers? Aizenberg: That Oscar-nomination morning, I remember walking into the office that day, and I was like, Please, dear God, just let Amy and Brie get nominated. It premiered at Sundance in January, where it deservedly won the World Cinema Dramatic Competition. I think Spring Breakers really put them on the map, as far as I could tell. Released in the wake of Anton Yelchins untimely passing, Jeremy Saulniers Green Room is a grizzly and intense thriller in which a young punk rock band witnesses a murder and fights off a group of Neo Nazis, led by Patrick Stewart no less. [13] That same year, A24 entered a deal with Amazon Prime, where A24-distributed films would be available on Amazon Instant Video after becoming available on DVD and Blu-ray. It wasnt disrespectful. And she said it sucked. Wed be like, Heavey, just make sure hes alive and you can get him to communicate.. That suits a company whose websites About page consists of nothing beyond an Eadweard Muybridge plate of a cockatoo flapping its wings. Whatever lingering reservations I had about the VOD side of A24s business were dismantled by the recent rumblings of a demonically possessed goat: The DirecTV logo may still be lurking toward the bottom of The Witchs teaser poster (which accurately identifies and champions Black Phillip as the movies breakout star), but at some point along the way it was decided that this crowd-pleasing, pants-ruining work of art has the makings of a communal sensation, and A24 pivoted. We get movies. And the only thing we could put it in was a cardboard box with duct tape. Hes not gonna be able to do this right now. Our first release. People had thought that entire part of the industry had just died. Not like we should have paid more. Coppola: I was a little nervous about not going with a company that I knew had a track record, but I knew that they were going to really do their best. The company, improbably, was based in New York, not Los Angeles. A24 has also been nominated and won many Golden Globes, British Academy Film Awards, and Critics' Choice Movie Awards. Aizenberg: I was at the Q&As at the ArcLight [in Los Angeles], and I remember taking a picture of the screen, and then all of a sudden it was like every screen at the ArcLight: Spring Breakers, Spring Breakers, Spring Breakers. This was not a first-look deal, meaning that A24 can continue to produce and acquire films to release outside of the deal, and that it would not affect previous deals that A24 had signed with other companies. It was also that A24 was releasing these films not with a sigh and a shrug, but with panache, style, and humor: bright neon colors, guerrilla marketing tactics, and in the case of James Francos Britney Spears-loving gangster character from Spring Breakers, an actual Oscar campaign. I remember the thing that got him was like, Listen. [Sofia] was like, Oh, will you at least partner with Harvey? We were like, No!. And suddenly its all over, and you think, Of all people, I knew the most about my film, so why was I was on the periphery of its release? But working closely with A24 throughout Rooms pre-release has altered his philosophy on film marketing: I used to think that the publicity process was both morally questionable and smoke and mirrors, that it was one of those invented jobs. BREAKING: John Hodges, one of the founding members of A24, has announced his departure from the production and distribution studio to focus on future opportunities. A24s biggest success, Lady Bird, grossed $49 million domestically, so can that ceiling support the duos ambitions, or will a larger distributor make them an offer they cant refuse? Theyre just on it. But A24 has the money to acquire a steady slate of releases, the model to support them, and the chutzpah to make nearly each one into a mini-phenomenon. And we got Best Picture [also for Room]. I just Thats not a go-wide movie. (Blindsided teens, many of whom had been intrigued at the thought of seeing former Disney star Selena Gomez in a more mature performance, assailed the Internet with complaints that they had paid to see the Worst Movie Ever Made.) I didnt think it was terrible. Fellow founding partners Daniel Katz and David Fenkel will continue to oversee the NYC-based indie studio, which has seen great success with Oscar-winning films such as Room, Ex Machina and last years surprise Best Picture winner Moonlight.. When you can get a distribution company that likes the film for the same reasons that people that made it like the filmIve found that rare. And then we opened. A24 knew that Slow West was great well before it premiered to rave reviews, but the company also recognized that it was an odd duck, neither broad enough to be a prestige picture nor strange enough to galvanize a legion of fans. Spring Breakers had a whole Oscar campaign: Consider This Shit.Zoe Beyer. [9], The company began its distribution of films in 2013. By surgically inserting each release into the zeitgeist, it has paved a new road for provocative, modestly sized cinema, bridging the gap between microbudget indies and monolithic studio products in much the same way Italys Autostrada A24 connects Rome to Teramo. When I arrived at A24s office, in an anonymous building so close to the western lip of lower Manhattan that it can practically taste New Jersey, my fears that the company might be growing too fast werent exactly assuaged by learning that within weeks it was moving to an enormous office closer to midtown. Love that movie. When it wasnt us. And we werent thinking about that. Ali Herting (acquisitions and development, A24): We were never gonna get Place Beyond the Pines. (Make a left out of the elevators, and then a right at the cafeteria workers.). And it was like a snowy and rainy day, and there was a ton of traffic. All three had grown up admiring the rich world of 90s independent cinema, and they noticed a void where those movies had once been. A24, which was founded in 2012, said that no additional changes in management will be made.

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